The New World Disorder !

Peace everybody !

I just wanted to remind you all to download your digital copy of The New World Disorder album now at any digital outlet that you prefer to use . The album has been available for digital download since September of 2015 but was never officially announced until now !

Below are just a few links you can use to go download your digital copy today :                                            *Version*=1&*entries*=0

Peace ,

MC Therapist


“Scattered” Music Video

Introducing M.C. Therapist

M.C. Therapist is a Philadelphia native graff writer/animal rights enthusiast on a mission to inspire the masses to think for themselves and to find spiritual grounding in the midst of chaotic and materialistically corrupted society.

From growing up in a major city on the Northeast coast of the U.S. , it is no coincidence that his artistic backgrounds root from the inspiration of underground Hip-hip , punk rock and hardcore music genres. In 1997 he was the lead singer/guitarist of a rock band and made his way into Philadelphia’s C.A.P.A. (a high school for the creative and performing arts). Here he learned to read and write music and began developing the style that lead him to be the well rounded artist that he is today. After the final break up of his band “Blackout” in late 2003 he took classes at the local community college for audio-production and music theory. By late 2005 he joined a Hip-hop trio/group called Kontra, comprised of Burke The Jurke and Vas. After about 3 years of writing songs and doing shows together in the local Philly scene, M.C. Therapist eventually left the group to do some soul searching and battle his struggle with addiction.

Finally after 5 years of spiritual grounding the lyricist found his balance and decided to begin the creation of his current release “The New World Disorder” on independent label Planet X Records. The album has features such as Sean Strange, Jon Murdock and Lex Starwind (of LCOB), and production from artists and DJ’s mostly from overseas. A European and U.S. tour is in the works to promote the release of the full length album. Be on the lookout for future releases from this M.C., because his hunger and energy is quite evident in the music. Just take a listen for yourself and you be judge. Peace.